Tennis Court Construction

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Our tennis court construction services are tailored to fit your needs, with expertise in the design, construction, and renovation of tennis courts. We have the experience, technology, and passion needed to create an athletic court that exceeds your expectations.

Type of Surfaces

Not only are our services tailored to your needs, so are our surfaces. We offer everything from synthetic and acrylic, to clay and Deco Turf surfaces. A Deco Turf surface is one of the best solutions for your tennis court surface needs. It offers a long term solution with minimal upkeep. DecoTurf is a multilayered, resilient cushioning system that has earned the reputation of being one of the highest quality tennis court surfaces for both residential and professional courts.

Our services in tennis court construction are tailored to fit your needs. Contact Nidy Sports Construction for expert assistance in the design, construction and renovation of your tennis courts; including the installation of nets, fencing, equipment and accessories. Nidy Sports Construction has the experience, technology and passion needed to create an athletic court that exceeds your expectations.

Tennis Equipment


If you don’t have nets, fencing, equipment or accessories, let us help! We have a variety of sports supplies and equipment we offer in our catalog, including tennis nets with straps, benches, and windscreens.

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